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Illinois Neighborhood Pharmacy Slaps Walgreens and PBM Prime Therapeutics with $1.5 Billion Antitrust Suit

Just over a year ago, Walgreens and Prime Therapeutics, the nation’s fourth largest pharmacy benefit manager, formed a new retail pharmacy network. The venture combined Walgreen’s “brick and mortar” pharmacies with Prime’s mail-order network. In a press release issued at the time, the newly-formed joint venture indicated that Prime would continue to support client-specific network choices...
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Costs and benefits of disasters

The #HurricaneHarvey clean up crews at our homes that were hired by management number about 200 and notice that none of them were given #Hazmat suits Several factors are greatly concerning.
  • Texas doesn’t require workers’ comp
  • Companies are desperate to find workers, any workers, who will go into dangerous places and do very hard work in...
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